Teresa Celia Meschiati
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"Immediately after my arrival at La Perla I was taken to the torture room or `intense therapy' room. They stripped me and tied my feet and hands with ropes to the bars of a bed, so that I was hanging from them. They attached a wire to one of the toes of my right foot. Torture was applied gradually, by means of electric prods of two different intensities; one of 125 volts which caused involuntary muscle movements and pain all over my body. They applied this to my face, eyes, mouth, arms, vagina, and anus; and another of 220 volts called la margarita (the daisy), which left deep ulcerations which I still have and which caused a violent contraction, as if all my limbs were being torn off at once, especially in the kidneys, legs, groin and sides of the body. They also put a wet rag on my chest to increase the intensity of the shock.

I tried to kill myself by drinking the foul water in the tub which was meant for another kind of torture called submarino, but I did not succeed.

The gradually increasing intensity of the electric prod was matched by the sadism of my torturers. There were five of them, whose names were: Guillermo Barreiro, Luis Manzanelli, Jose Lopez, Jorge Romero, and Fermin de los Santos."

Testimony of Teresa Celia Meschiati.
Abducted in the town of Cordoba on 25 September 1976.
[File no. 4279]

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