Nelson Eduardo Dean
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"Once there, we were put in various rooms. With my wrists handcuffed behind my back, eyes blindfolded, and bleeding profusely, a new wave of blows began. After half an hour I was taken to a room in the top floor. There they stripped off all my clothes, handcuffed my wrists behind my back again and began to throw buckets of water over me. Next they put wires around my waist, thorax and ankles. They tied a rope or chain to the handcuffs and pulled my arms up as high as they could without dislocating them. I was in that position, literally hanging at a distance of about 30 centimetres from the floor, for a period of time which is not possible to determine in hours, only in terms of pain. Because of the great suffering induced by this form of torture, one loses all track of formal time.

Later the torturers slackened the rope some 20 centimeters, enough to enable me to touch the ground with some difficulty and rest my arms a little - actually, any notion of rest was illusory, since when I tried to touch the floor and succeeded, I received electric shocks. It's really very difficult to express in words all the agony these shocks produce. I think it's only possible to offer a tragic caricature of what it was like. Two things might be useful as examples and give some idea; some actual physical events and some sensations. As to physical effects, I feel there are two which will show you the extent of the torture:
(a) After torture, the soles of the feet were burnt and layers of hard skin would form, which peeled off later. Obviously the skin was burnt from the electric shocks.
(b) During the application of electricity, one would lose all control over one's senses, such torture provoking permanent vomiting, almost constant defecation, etc.

As for sensations, electricity begins to rise up in the body. All the parts with wires attached to them feel as though they are being torn from the body. Thus, at first, it's the feet which feel as though they are being torn off, then the legs, testicles, thorax, etc.

These torture sessions went on for a period of five days, increasing in intensity. During the last few days they repeated all the above methods and, in addition, inserted wires into my anus, testicles and penis. These practices were carried out in a diabolical setting; the torturers, some drinking, others laughing, hitting and insulting, tried to extract from me the names of Uruguayans living in Argentina who opposed the current regime governing my country.

I noticed that officers of the Uruguayan Army participated directly in these interrogation and torture sessions. Some said they belonged to a group called OCOA (Anti-subversive Operation Coordinating Organization). "

Testimony of Nelson Eduardo Dean, Uruguayan, married,
abducted at 10 pm. in the Almagro district of Buenos Aires on 13 July, 1976.
[File no. 7412.]

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