Dr. Teresita Hazurun
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Dr. Teresita Hazurun, a lawyer by profession was abducted at 11 am on Saturday 20 November, 1976. She was taken by the chief of Police himself, making no attempt to resist, believing that she was required professionally for a detainee.

Dr. Hazurun was subjected to the usual tortures (beatings and the electric prod) as well as other new procedures which she saw applied to others, such as the 'burial' she described in her account. She was taken to the offices of the State Intelligence Services in Calle Belgrano in the town of Frias, Santiago del Estero province.

On the 22nd (Monday) at 8 pm., two people came and took her to a room behind the offices. They began punching her in the stomach and face. She was interrogated by Musa Assar (whom she recognized by his voice.)

They asked her about her ex-boyfriend Hugo Libaak, what he was doing, whom he met. Unable to get any reply, they laid her down on a bed, where they applied the electric prod to various parts of her body.

When people arrived at the offices they would be taken to pits which had been dug in the ground; they were buried there up to the neck, sometimes for four days or more, until they asked to be taken out, having decided to talk. They were kept without food or water, in the sun and rain. When they were dug out (they were buried naked) they would be infested with sores from insect and bites. From there they would be taken to the torture chamber (next door there was a room where the torturers lived.)

Prisoners there said that the torturer was the captain of the Rural Infantry. They had an instrument of torture known as the `telephone' (an electric prod applied simultaneously to the ears and the teeth.)

[File no. 1127. Dr. Teresita Hazurun]

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