The Gallina Family
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Silvia Beatriz Gallina was seized on 12 November 1976, at her house, according to neighbours of her father, Dr. Eugenio Felix Gallina. During the raid many objects of value were taken:

Dr. Gallina started inquiries to find out where his daughter was and placed a deposition with the Courts denouncing illegal deprivation of liberty. The magistrate went ahead with the investigation and found out that the raid had been perpetrated by the Army. At the same time, Dr Gallina presented a writ of habeas corpus at the Federal Court, indicating the names of those who were presumed to be responsible for his daughter's detention.

On 24 February 1977, Dr. Eugenio Gallina, aged sixty-five was arrested in his home together with his twenty-one-year-old son, Mario Alfredo. Most of the furniture was wrecked, and his car and numerous possessions looted. That same day Eugenio Daniel Gallina and his wife Marta Rey de Gallina were abducted on their way to work. Not one of the five members of this family has ever appeared since. There was nobody left to continue the legal proceedings in which the Army's responsibility for the detention of Silvia Beatriz was documented (files: 7398, 7399, 7400, and 7401).

[The Gallina Family, file No. 7401]

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