The Rondoletto Family
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On 2 November 1976, at about 2 p.m., a group of men, some hooded, who had previously cordoned off the block and diverted the traffic, broke into the house at San Lorenzo 1666, San Miguel de Tucuman, seized the five members of the Rondoletto family, and took them away to an unknown place. The people who were seized were: Pedro Rondoletto, Maria Cenador de Rondoletto, Silvia Margarita Rondoletto, Jorge Osvaldo Rondoletto and Azucena Ricarda Bermejo de Rondoletto.

The kidnapping was carried out when all these people were at home and Pedro Rondoletto was working in a print shop, situated at the front of the house. The five were taken away blindfolded with bags over their heads. The parents were put in an estate car and the younger members in a black car (according to neighbours). Before leaving one of the men told the partner of the shop that he had twenty-four hours to get the printing equipment out of the building or a bomb would be planted there. That same day a deposition was presented to Police Station No. 8, and the father of Azucena requested an audience with the provincial governor, General Bussi, via an accountant, Elias, who was working in Bussi's office, and was at the same time a friend and a business colleague of the Bermejo family and of the Rondolettos. The meeting never took place. Later requests of habeas corpus were registered, some of which were rejected and others answered negatively. At the same time, action was taken through third parties with the President of the Nation, General Videla, with the same result as the requests for habeas corpus. According to neighbours, the house continued to be ransacked for several days afterwards, and some kind of custodian was left there. (A neighbour who was not aware of what had happened went to the house and was met by this person.) Later on, Pedro Rondoletto's car was also stolen, and there are accounts that Jorge Rondoletto's car, which was in the garage at the time, was taken away by people who identified themselves as belonging to Army Intelligence. The ransacking went on for a long time. In spite of the fact that someone had put chains over the front door it was always broken into.

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