The Coldman Family
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This family, well-known in Cordoba, lost three of its four members in a single operation:

On 21 September 1976 David Coldman, his wife and their daughter, were violently dragged from their home. The abductors stole equipment that was used for work purposes and other objects. They left only the younger son, aged eleven, who was sleeping. On waking up he called for his parents, but all he found was disorder in the house, the lights turned on and the doors wide open.

Testimony of Perla Wainstein
on the disappearance of her sister, her brother-in-law and her niece,
[file No. 2250.]

On 21 September 1976 at 4 a.m. the house of the Coldman family in the Suipacha neighbourhood of Cordoba was raided by people dressed in military uniform who arrived with three or four cars, without number plates, including two Ford Falcons and a Dodge 1500. After ransacking the house, they took - or kidnapped - David Coldman, his wife Eva, and their daughter Marina, aged eighteen, leaving only Ruben, aged eleven, their younger son, behind.

From the deposition on illegal deprivation of liberty
presented to the Federal Court of Cordoba in the case of Coldman and others
[file No. 2249.]

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