Dagmar Hagelin: a Swedish Teenage Girl
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Dagmar Hagelin, age 17, a swedish girl, living in Buenos Aires, was shot and kidnapped on January 27th, 1977 by Alfredo Astiz, a member of task force 332 (GT332), based in the Navy Mechanics School (Spanish initials: ESMA: Escuela Mecanica de La Armada, a secret detention center, and extermination camp in the capital, Buenos Aires). She was carried to the ESMA, wounded but alive. At least three survivors of the ESMA saw Dagmar and talked to her in captivity. She was mentally sound and her physical condition was improving when she was finally killed by her captors.

Dagmar Hagelin was kidnapped by mistake, and her disapperance became an international problem to the Argentine dictatorship. To prevent leaks about the atrocities in the ESMA, Dagmar's captors decided to kill her in cold blood.

She never came back.

Based on:
An article in DAGENS NYHETER, Stockholm,
by Peter Torbiörnsson,
March 10th, 1996

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