Boys and Girls between Thirteen and Eighteen
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"Almost 250 boys and girls aged between thirteen and eighteen years disappeared, kidnapped in their homes, in the street, or on leaving school. It is enough to look at the mural that the Commission prepared with the photographs of adolescents who had disappeared for the television programme Nunca Mas, for the question 'Why?' to remain unanswerable. Many adolescents also disappeared as a consequence of the repression against their parents."

The youngest

"These were Uruguayans who had lived in our country for some time. Their father, Nelson, had been arrested and was being held at the disposition of the National Executive. The mother, Lourdes, was seized in the street by a group of armed men in civilian clothes. The four children of the Hernandez Hobbas family were left with the only friends they had in the country. Beatriz Hernandez Hobbas (aged sixteen), the elder of the two, was seized at a cafe in Munro. She was taken alive, but nothing more has been heard of her. Washington Fernando Hernandez Hobbas (file No. 6263), aged thirteen, was left with another family after the arrest of his mother and his elder sister. His new home was also raided by the police on 6 July 1977. It was like a kindergarten, as there were eight children belonging to three families who had suffered the same fate as Washington Fernando Hernandez Hobbas, all of them under the age of thirteen. Three women were looking after them. At about 3 p.m. a group of men dressed in civilian clothes and heavily armed broke into the house, and after inspecting everything, seized the three women and Washington Fernando who looked as if he was the oldest (file No. 768). Washington Fernando was seen on two occasions after this: in both he was being used as a decoy to capture other people. He was used to point out possible houses where his father may have met friends or where friends would come and collect him, setting them an ambush. Until now there has been no news about his whereabouts, and he is still listed as a disappeared prisoner..."

[From the National Commission Report on the Disappeared]

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