This is a reproduction of the original Vanished Gallery site announcement which was posted to Usenet in the summer of 1995. The announcement seems to have been lost from most (all?) Usenet archives. This is almost identical to the original posting except for a few minor changes such as converting to HTML, formatting, and an update of the email address.

Subject:   Desaparecidos Web Site happens
Newsgroups:   soc.culture.argentina, soc.history.moderated,
                          comp.infosystems.www.announce, comp.infosystems.www.providers,
                          soc.rights.human, alt.activism
Date:   Jun 5, 1995
Organization:   Yendor of yonder
Followup-To:   soc.culture.argentina
Summary:   Announcing Web site + Request for facts
Keywords:   desaparecidos vanished argentina memorial www-site

The Vanished Gallery: (URL: is a humble attempt to document the "desaparecidos," the thousands who vanished during the 70's under the rule of the Argentine military junta. It is intended to be a humane, personal collection of testimonials about these people, who vanished without a trace.

How it came to be:
It started with a page about my beloved uncle Gabriel who disappeared in 1976. Then it came upon me that Gabriel isn't alone, There may be 30,000 stories more to tell, and I can help. "The vanished gallery" was born.

What I expect:
I don't have any idea how big the response will be, if the 30,000 number is correct, I may get 30,000 stories. at worst, Gabriel's story will remain alone.

I'm doing this voluntarily in my free time, I'm not affiliated with any organization and I prefer to leave it this way. This project may be expanded to include anything about the dirty-war, names and facts about junta members, historical facts related to this dark era, recent junta members' confessions, just anything as long as it is kept accurate and preferably understated. The facts are strong enough to speak for themselves.

Your help is needed:
If you know of any story of a "desaparecido" person, a picture, a name, a place and a date when the person was last seen, A pointer to more information, just anything, please mail me so it can be publicly documented.

Note that many desaparecidos' relatives are not on the net and they can not read this, if you can just be a messenger to relay some information from a friend, an acquaintance, just anyone who has a verifiable shred of evidence, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to tell me anything you like to be published or any other comment/suggestion you may have on how to improve this service.

If you write, please let me also know if you'd like to remain anonymous or allow me to put your name in the acknowledgments list. Depending on traffic, I may not be able to guarantee a personal response. Please check for updates. I'm pretty busy with other things, but I'm determined to make this happen.

Thanks for your time and caring. We owe it to them.

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