The Vanished Gallery couldn't have been made possible without the help of countless people who contributed information, photographs, sources, corrections, translations, encouragement, advice, computing resources, traffic generation, free software, and conveyed messages from those without net access. Thank you all.

A few of the contributors deserve especially big thanks: Delia Barrera, for the repressors data and more... Juan Manuel Suárez, for most of the photographs that helped TVG to become more realistic, and for the Swedish connection. Karen Slawner for her knowledge, academic perspective, and for her non-virtual visit...

Yahoo! and SGI for helping some of the authors to make a living.

All the contributors to FreeBSD, Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP, and Free Software in general, for providing the best available platforms and tools for web development and serving. Uki Goñi for his book, articles his web site. Marcelo Brodsky for his Good Memory project, Alexandra Schwarz for the spanish translations. Richard Culatta of Brigham Young University for creating the short movie on Los Desaparecidos [QuickTime, 2MB]. Valeria Noli (peace and love) for the italian translations. Tina Rosenberg for being the person who, without her knowledge, helped me the most understand how can such tragedies happen. Thanks again.

Adriana Sarraméa
Alejandra Abramovich
Alexandra Schwarz
Andrew A. Reding
Andy Rowland
Bonnie J. Hayskar
Carlos A. Novati
Catherine Hampton
Debra Guzman (HRNet)
Delia Barrera
Eduardo Churquina
Elena Terlevich
Elias Vergitsis
Enzo Siri
Guillermo Cruces
Gustavo Szulansky
Hamid Izadi
Heather Dean (SOA Watch)
Ian Innes
Ignacio Azpiazu
Jacques Montouliu
Jenny Silverstein
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Ithurburu
Juan Manuel Suárez
Juan Pablo Moreno
Jonathan M Morgenstein
J. Neely
J. Seth Strattan
June Thomas
Karen Nilson
Karen Slawner
Ken Simons (Peace News)
Marcelo Brodsky
Margarita Lacabe
Marcelo Rodriguez
Memo Cordova
Nicolas Rosner
Patricio Herbst
Paul Leivers
Richard Culatta
Sam Tucker
Santiago Mellibovsky
Sjoera Nas
TIME Magazine
Todd Elliott
Uki Goñi
Valeria Noli
Wayne G. Gifford
Yazir Paredes
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