Nuestro Tio Gabriel
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B&W Photo: Two kids holding a little cat (outside the frame)
On the inside cover of a big tome, "Birds of the World," by Oliver L. Austin Jr., and Illustrated by Arthur Singer, that Tio Gabriel sent to me, he wrote:

"... your fascination with birds is especially important because by following these creatures, one gets accustomed to set his vision high and afar..."

I was about 10 then. My little brother was 8. The huge tome surveying the 27 orders and 150 families of world birds with the dedication on the inside cover is still lying on my bookshelf. My fascination with birds has not waned.

But our uncle Gabriel was gone shortly after.

He was one of the "Desaparecidos"; people who were taken out of their homes by the Argentine military junta, in the 1970's, and have not been seen by their loved ones, ever since.

If you know anything about our uncle Gabriel, where he was taken to? why? Please email me at: . We love him very much and we miss him.

Gabriel Braunstein, our mother's brother. A heart of gold, who never hurt anyone, and was always first to help anyone in need, was taken by armed men on the night of June 9, 1976, from his home in Rio Cuarto, province of Cordoba, Argentina.

He has never been seen since.

[Abduction testimony by Isabel, the woman Gabriel loved.]

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