Carlos Hugo Basso
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"They opened a door which, from the noise it made, was probably metal. One of those talking me warned me that I was shortly to meet the `Priest', who would be in charge of `taking my confession.' This person they called `Priest' must have been quite big since as soon as I went in he grabbed me by the sides and lifted me in the air...

Afterwards they beat with sticks and a hammer which they used to smash my fingers whenever my hands were on the floor. The undressed me and tied my hands and feet to a bed frame they called a `grill.' For what must have been about an hour they applied electric current to the most sensitive parts of my body: genitals, hips, knees, neck, gums. ... For the neck and gums, they used a tiny instrument with several points, directly connected to the mains supply of 220 volts. I could see under my blindfold, that every time a discharge was produced, the light of a small bulb over the `grill' dimmed. During this time I heard one of the torturers being addressed as `Gringo.' Afterwards somebody applied a stethoscope to my chest and they untied me. I found I couldn't walk, but they dragged me 20 or 30 meters to a mattress in a large room, against a wall, where I remained until the following day."

[File no. 7725. Carlos Hugo Basso]

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