Dr. Candeloro, Husband of Marta Garcia de Candeloro
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"The last time I heard my husband's voice was on 28 June. They always took him off first (to the torture chamber) and then me This time they did the opposite. In the middle of my interrogation they brought in my husband, telling him that if he wouldn't talk, they would kill me. They began to apply the electric shocks to me so that he could hear my cries, and he called out to me: 'My love, I love you. I never dreamt they would bring you in to this.' These words enraged them. The last phrase was cut short as they were applying the electric prod to him. They untied me and threw me into my cell. They were driven wild by him, his interrogation was unending. All at once there was a single piercing, heart-rending shriek. It still resounds in my ears. I will never be able to forget it. It was his last cry; and then suddenly there was silence. My husband died on 28 June, a victim of their tortures."

[File No. 7305, Testimony of Marta Garcia de Candeloro]

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