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Dear donor,

I am pleased to inform you that Mrs. Shely Hoshen, the "Yad BeYad" founder and international President was lately nominated for the "Tel Aviv Honor Award" which she will receive on April 20th, on Israel Independence Day! Please see the attached letter from Tel Aviv Mayor, Mr. Huldai.

During the last few months, "Yad BeYad - Silicon Valley" kept receiving donations for the two "Warm Homes" in Tel Aviv; therefore, its bank account is still open. As of April 15th, it will be officially closed, as well as the local chapter. All of the remaining money will be transferred to the Israeli account.

"Yad BeYad" would very much appreciate your future donations for the "Bait Cham" project through either:

  1. Direct deposit at its account in Israel:
    #73939/13 at Bank Leumi L'Israel, branch # 816
    Rabin Square-Tel Aviv.
  2. Sending a check by mail to:
    "Yad BeYad"
    36 Haneviim St.
    Tel Aviv, 64072 Israel

As always, your donation is tax deductible, and a receipt will be sent to you from Israel with a "Thank You" letter.

On behalf of the children in the Warm Home Project, thank you for your time and continuous support!

Happy Passover!

Vered Ravid
Former "Yad BeYad- Silicon Valley" Chairperson
(408) 530-8243

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