Luciano Ramon Perez's Testimony
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"My brother was kidnapped on 9th of November, 1976. He was asleep with his wife and his five years old son when they were wakened at about 2 am by a loud explosion. My brother got out of bed, opened the front door, and saw four people jumping over the fence.

They were in civilian clothes; one of them had a moustache and a jersey wrapped round his head like a turban; they all carried rifles. Three of them burst into the flat and ordered my sister-in-law and the boy not to look. The neighbors say that two of them dragged out my brother and forced him into a Ford Falcon. That's the last we heard of him. They also say there were several cars and a truck on the scene, and there were a lot of men with rifles behind the trees. The traffic had been halted, and a helicopter was circling over the house."

[File no. 1919, Luciano Ramon Perez describing the disappearance of his brother]

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