Mass executions in Tucuman (From Nunca Mas)
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"... Once I saw a naked prisoner buried alive, with only his head left poking out of the hole. They stamped on the earth after wetting it so as to make it compact. This lasted for forty-eight hours. It caused very painful cramps and skin infections. I twice witnessed executions by firing squad in this camp. The first shot was fired by General Antonio Bussi. Next he made all the higher ranking officers take part. The site of the executions was some 300 or 400 meters up into the undergrowth from the munitions company. Security cordons were set 20 and 100 meters from it. The shots were fired with calibre 9mm or 11.25mm pistols, always between 23:00 and 23:30 pm. Between fifteen and twenty people were murdered every fortnight..."

[From the testimony of Omar Eduardo Torres, file no. 6667]

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