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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 21:00:21 -0800
From: George Rivera <[withheld]>
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Subject: A contribution to the Vanished Gallery

This is typical British bullshit propaganda!! To hell with slimy

The problem with this mail is that we really tried to put only
documented facts from verifiable sources on the site. Specific comments
of fact corrections would be much more helpful (and appreciated)
if indeed the text needs to be corrected.

From: [Name withheld to protect the innocent]  <[withheld]>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Islas Malvinas
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:55:08 -0300
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Dear Friend

	Unfortunately the british were, are and will be pirates



[Name withheld]

[Name witheld] sounds like a nice person and this is a rather
atypical `hate' mail. Unfortunately such messages tend to
accomplish the opposite of what they are probably trying
to accomplish. People venting their spleen may feel a bit
better after hitting `send', but their cause is not being
helped by such venting.

We've corrected several points in the past based on concrete
feedback from thoughtful Argentine readers. Too bad we couldn't
find anything of value in this email to do the same.

From: "Alberto d'Huicque" <[withheld]>
To: <>
Subject: A contribution to the Vanished Gallery
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 19:47:41 -0300
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To those who don't understand Spanish: "MENTIROSOS" means LIARS.
Again, not very helpful, no details, no explanation, no reference
to the page that induced this reaction (TVG has about a 100 pages
of information.) Just venting.

We would assume, having spent some time in Argentine primary school,
that things look very different (and a bit detached from reality)
from there. Oh well.

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 05:37:19 +0000
From: "Rodrigo Sebastián López" <>
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From: "Esteban Grimalt" <>
To: <>
Subject: Falklands
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 01:09:42 -0600
Message-ID: <>

YOU!!!!!!!!    DON'T WARRY....WE'LL BE BACK.....


Two more classics. Most hate mails look like these:
ALL CAPS, one to three liners, with variable-levels of veiled threats.
We'll just let them speak for themselves.
As an aside: we truly appreciate Mr. López & Mr. Grimalt
leaving the more explicit death threats out.

We must add that we know most Argentines are extremely nice people
and in no way such emails from extreme people are reflecting on the
rest of them.

From	Thu Feb	 1 10:22:19 2001
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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 13:21:11 EST
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queridos subersivos, montoneros :
			realmente queria decirles que se merecen todo
lo que les hicieron , por ser hijos de puta, por matar policias, por atacar
contra el estado y la nacion ARGENTINA	, lastima que no los mataron a todos
para  mi fue que se qquedaron sin balas, fue una gran pena , aguante los
militaes subercivos de mierdas , corruptores del orden institucional , ojala
vuelvan los militares y se vuelva a repetir  para que aprendan y se dejen de
romper ñas pelotas .
    mal paridos ustedes y las viejas putas de plaza de mayo con su pañuelo en
esas putas cabezas, dejen de buscar a sus muertos ...por que no los van	 a
encontrar .
	saludos y aguante ARGENTINA

Let's try to translate this:

Dear subversives montoneros (a leftist guerilla/terrorist group name)
I really wanted to tell you that you deserved all that was done to you
for being son-of-a-bitches for killing policemen, for attacking against
[sic] the state and the nation ARGENTINA [sic] , too bad they didn't
kill all of you for me [they were probably] lleft [sic] without ammunition
too bad, (more incoherent writing ...) wish the military [regime] comes
back so they can teach you a lesson (more foul language ...)
miscreants you and the old bitches of the plaza de mayo with their
handkerchief on those bitch heads, stop searching for your dead since
you're not going to find them.

    greetings and long live ARGENTINA AND THE MILITARY

Well, I guess no comment is needed on this one

From: "Ruben Fernandez Acosta" <>
Subject: Mi opinion sobre tu web
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 16:08:06 +0000
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 05 Apr 2005 16:08:07.0050 (UTC)

Lei atte. tus palabras y tu investigacion en tu web sobre las ISLAS
MALVINAS y me parece que estas muy equivocado: 1º No podes apoyar a los
ingleses, sabiendo que son unos piratas y que ca da dia matan a miles de
personas a nivel mundial, a ellos no le importan ni los kelpers ni
nada, simplemente tener un par de islas ubicadas estrategicament e para
utliizarlas para la guerra, como es el caso de Gibraltar en España y de
Malvinas en Argentina.

Sabes cual es el problema con la gente como vos???--- lo que pasa es que
ustedes se quedan en el pasado siempre, tratando de hacer que los
ladrones, terroristas y asesinos parezcan heroes. Los terroristas que
murieron durante la ultima dictadura, ponian bombas y no les importaba si
habia un bebe u una familia, simplemente querian matar y cuando los
militares los fueron a buscar no tenian huevos para hacer frente a sus
actos, se iban del pais y volvian años despues hablando estupideces. Al
desaparecer estas bandas de terroristas (montoneros & ignorantes que
exigian libertinaje, etc) la gente no tuvo a quien echarle la culpa y se
las echo a los militares. Por suerte en lños que murieron estan bien
enterrados y los que quedan van a morir en el proximo golpe.ç

Con respecto a las islas MALVINAS me queda algo por decirte: Si pones todo
sobre lo que paso en malvinas pone tambien (espero que conozcas est) que
la invasion Ordenada por el Sr. Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri fue por la sig
razon: Cuando una nacion ocupa un territorio ageno, estos ultimos, tienen
150 años para recuperar dicho territorio sino el mismo pasa a los primeros
sin po sibilidad de los segundos de volver a reclamarlos. en 1982 se ivan
a cumplir eso s 150 años y hoy gracias a el sr. galtieri podemos seguir
reclamando malvinas, y a que las ocupamos poco mas de un mes, me gustaria
que pongas esto tambien, ya q ue si hay que hablar de verdades hay que
contarlo y explicarlo todo, ya que nues tro pueblose cree cualquier
cosa que pongan los anarquistas y terroristas en sus pag web.

saluda atte. Ruben, viva la patria. sieg heil.
Mr. Acosta sounds like an expert on the real (well,
in his strong opinion, anyway) reasons why the Falklands just
must have been invaded in 1982 and not even a year later.

He claims that the British are pirates and have been "killing thousands
of people daily" as an indisputable "fact". Most surprisingly, he seems
to be relishing the thought of a new military coup and end of democracy
in Argentina.

Any relation to this similar-minded Acosta by any chance?

As expected, Mr. Acosta couldn't contain himself. The "sieg heil" at
the end gave him all away.

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From: "carl feltersnach" <>
Subject: may you commies die
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 19:33:22 -0600
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 19 May 2001 01:38:11.0217 (UTC)

what you red bastards never talk about, is the fact that those poor vanished
were really terrorists who murdered entire families because of there polical
afiliation so let me tell you to fuck off because for every one of those
"vanished people" 10 government officals and there families died. my father and
my mother were targets of the montenegros and were kidnapped and never seen
again so i hope you communist supporters are happy. if you really want to find
90% of those vanished check the imagration records of cuba columbia spain and
yes even the usa because we exiled most of them giving them the choice between
death and a new life some were else. the reason you have not found any one is
those "vanished" find that thier marterdom is better to the communist cause. i
so ileave you with this FUCK YOU!

Let's go over the claims expressed here:

The dissappeared people of Argenina were terrorists
Completely false. It is true that during the rule of the Junta
in the 70's there were a few fringe terrorist groups active in Argentina.
Their number is estimated, even by government sources, to be in the
few hundreds, nothing close to the tens of thousands of people killed
by the dictatorship. The vast majority (probably in the order of 99%
or so) of the disappeared were completely uninvolved with terrorism,
and in fact, not even armed. One more interesting note is that during those
years there was one active right-wing terrorist group, the AAA,
(Alianza Anticomuinsta Argentina) which was, in fact, killing
people with leftist bias, and people belonging to communist
(not necessarily terrorist) groups. The AAA killed close to
a 1000 people, more people than the Montoneros and the ERP (two left
wing terrorist groups, which we do not condone by any means)
ever killed combined. Moreover, the AAA did this with the full and
active government/dictatorship support!

In another absurd statement, the hateful Mr. Feltersnatch, is
claiming that for every disappeared person, 10 government officials
and members of their families were killed. This is, of course,
a complete fallacy since that would put the government official
and their family members deaths in the hundreds of thousands when
we know for a fact, that they numbered less than 20.

The disappeared were in fact exiled
Another piece of nonsense. While it is true that some people were
lucky to be exiled, or managed to escape before the dictatorship
had a chance to kill them, it is also true that people who are alive
usually maintain some kind of contact with their families, rather than
vanish without a trace. For the 20-30 thousands of disappeared people
there's overwhelming evidence including the thousands of testimonies
collected by Official, post-dictatorship appointed, National Commission
on the Disappeared (CONADEP) that they were, without exception,
abducted, tortured and killed by their own government.

We are communists
Actually, we never belonged to any communist group or movement
of any kind, we live in the U.S. a pretty capitalist country and we
are thankful for the opportunity to live in a free, democratic, and
entrepeneurial society.

It is important to state for the record, that we don't condone any
type of terrorism, be it from the left or from the right, and we regret
any lost innocent lives, which is exactly the reason why we have
created this site.

Mr, Feltersnach, like many other hate-mail senders, it seems, is not
only blinded by hate, but is also in grave need of a reality check, and
some history lessons.

Frankly, hate mails are not appreciated, but If you feel you must send us such mails, feel free to do so. Be aware that we reserve the right, but not the obligation, to publish hate mails - verbatim. Sending such emails to the address below consitutes an agreement for them to be published. Note that our old email address: is now being used as a spam-honeypot: i.e. mails to will never be seen by a human being. Rather, they will be used to auto-train our spam-filters better

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