Advanced Programming in the
UNIX Environment

by W. Richard Stevens
Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series
0-201-56317-7 * Hardcover * 768 pages * ©1992
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Chapter 8. Process Control

Introduction * Process Identifiers * fork Function * vfork Function * exit Functions * wait and waitpid Functions * wait3 and wait4 Functions * Race Conditions * exec Functions * Changing User IDs and Group IDs * Interpreter Files * system Function * Process Accounting * User Identification * Process Times * Summary

Example Relevant Functions
8.1 Effect of fork on buffering and shared variables fork
8.2 Effect of vfork on buffering and shared variables vfork (old BSD func, no man page)
8.3 Print verbal description of exit status sys/wait.h
8.4 Run child processes & print exit statuses fork, exit, abort, wait
8.5 Avoid zombie processes by forking twice fork, exit, waitpid
8.6 Demo of parent/child output race condition fork, setbuf, putc
8.7 Modification of 8.6 to avoid race condition
Using Stevens' syncronization primitives:
(Similar to Sec. 14.3 but using signals instead of pipes)
Synchronization library primitives:
TELL_WAIT: Init function
TELL_PARENT: Child: notify parent
TELL_CHILD: Parent: notify child
WAIT_PARENT: Child: wait for parent notification
WAIT_CHILD: Parent: wait for child notification
Synchronization library (SunOs),
Synchronization library (4.4BSD),
Synchronization library (SVR4)
8.8 Exec functions example execle, execlp, fork, exit, waitpid
8.9 Echo command line arguments + environment argc, argv, environ
(C conventions, no man page)
8.10 Execute an interpreter (sharp/bang) fork, execl, exit, waitpid
8.11 Small awk echo-ARGV script as an interpreter file
8.12 The system function without signal handling fork, execl, _exit, waitpid
8.13 Examples of calling system system
8.14 Execute the command line argument using system argc, argv, system
8.15 Print real and effective UIDs of a process getuid, geteuid
8.16 Dummy program to generate accounting data fork, execl, exit, kill, sleep
8.17 Print selected field from system's accounting file (Normally /var/adm/pacct) sys/acct.h
8.18 Time & execute all command line arguments times, system, sysconf (_SC_CLK_TCK)

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