Advanced Programming in the
UNIX Environment

by W. Richard Stevens
Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series
0-201-56317-7 * Hardcover * 768 pages * ©1992
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Chapter 10. Signals

Introduction * Signal Concepts * signal Function * Unreliable Signals * Interrupted System Calls * Reentrant Functions * SIGCLD Semantics * Reliable Signal Terminology and Semantics * kill and raise Functions * alarm and pause Functions * Signal Sets * sigprocmask Function * sigpending Function * sigaction Function * sigsetjmp and siglongjmp Functions * sigsuspend Function * abort Function * system Function * sleep Function * Job-Control Signals * Additional Features * Summary

Example Relevant Functions
10.1 Catch SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 signal, pause
10.2 Call a non-reentrant function from a signal handler (Bad) signal, alarm, getpwnam
10.3 SYSV SIGCLD example that doesn't work (non reliable signals) fork, signal, wait,
sleep, pause, exit
10.4 sleep1: Simple incomplete implementation of sleep signal, alarm, pause
10.5 sleep2: Another imperfect implementation of sleep signal, alarm, pause,
setjmp, longjmp
10.6 Calling sleep2 (10.5 above) from a program that catches other signals [Just to demonstrate the problem]
10.7 Calling blocking read with a timeout signal, alarm, read, write
10.8 Better: Calling blocking read with a timeout using longjmp signal, alarm, read, write,
setjmp, longjmp
10.9 Implementation of sigaddset, sigdelset, and sigismember signal.h
10.10 Pring the signal mask for current process sigprocmask, sigismember
10.11 Temporarily blocking signals signal, sigprocmask,
sigemptyset, sigaddset,
sigismember, sigpending,
10.12 An implementation of a reliable (BSD style) signal using POSIX sigaction sigemptyset, sigaction
10.13 signal_intr: signal that prevents interrupted syscalls from being restarted sigemptyset, sigaction
10.14 Signal masks and non local gotos signal, sigsetjmp, siglongjmp, alarm
10.15 Protecting a critical region from a signal signal, sigemptyset, sigaddset,
sigprocmask, sigsuspend
10.16 Using sigsuspend to wait for a global variable to be set signal, sigemptyset, sigaddset,
sigprocmask, sigsuspend
10.17 Routines to allow parent and child processes to synchronize
(Using signals):
TELL_WAIT: Init function
TELL_PARENT: Child: notify parent
TELL_CHILD: Parent: notify child
WAIT_PARENT: Child: wait for parent notification
WAIT_CHILD: Parent: wait for child notification
The implementation:
Synchronization library (SunOs),
Synchronization library (4.4BSD),
Synchronization library (SVR4)
10.18 POSIX.1 implementation of abort sigaction, sigfillset, sigdelset,
sigprocmask, kill, fflush
10.19 Bad system usage example:
Using the system implementation from 8.12
Causes signal-catching interactions between parent and child
signal, system
10.20 Good example: a correct system implementation
with appropriate signal handling
sigemptyset, sigaddset,
sigaction, sigprocmask,
fork, execl, _exit, waitpid
10.21 POSIX.1 style reliable implementation of sleep (unlike 4.3BSD) sigemptyset, sigaddset,
sigaction, sigprocmask,
alarm, sigdelset, sigsuspend
10.22 Job control: handling SIGTSTP correctly sigemptyset, sigaddset,
sigprocmask, signal, kill

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