Life as I know it

Photo of a cute baby girl Here I'm 3 months old.
Excited by a playing mobile.

I love playing mobiles.

This one has winnie the pooh, tigger, eyore, and piglet on it.

Cute baby girl, a bit older, laughing.

Here I'm 6 moons old.
I was born on a full moon, and daddy says my face resembles the moon.
People say I'm a happy girl ...   I wonder why.

Cute baby girl in exersaucer

I have this big toy. It is called exersaucer since it is intended for exercise but is shaped like a flying saucer.

The dashboard is fun, when I press the buttons, they emit various animal voices: a cow, a horse, a dog and a cat. There's no 5th button, but still, from time to time (about once every 200 trials) I manage to make the dashboard emit a rooster's voice. Mom and Dad have no idea how do I do this. They say it is a "bug" or an "undocumented feature."
I'm not sure what they mean.

Cute baby girl with purple elephant

The exersaucer has some extension slots.
One of them has a purple elephant attached to it.
He is funny.

Cute baby girl laughing outloud in exersaucer

Sometimes, he is so funny, I laugh out loud.

Bye now, see you again when I'm not a baby anymore.

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